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Anastasia (A.K.A. Trooper) has been volunteering at our farm for almost two years.  Yorkin is her favorite member of our herd.  She loves running and music, and has been known to pluck out a song or two if you catch her in the right mood.  She is always happy to lend a hand, initiate a barrel race, or grow a tomato.  She worked with all the riders of our summer camp this year, teaching them equine knowledge as well as her favorite lunchtime games. She has been a wonderful part of our core volunteer team!  

~Do I need previous experiences with horses?

No.  We will provide you with all the information you need at orientation.  We will never ask you to do anything you do not feel comfortable with.


~Is there an Age Requirement?
Yes, our minimum age is 14.  Unfortunately, we cannot bend on this one (even if you have plenty of equine experience) due to insurance.  If you are younger we still appreciate your interest and hope you come back and see us when you reach 14!

~How much time should I volunteer?
As much as you like! We have no minimum or maximum requirement.  We do try to maintain a volunteer/rider relationship if possible.  So if you are able to come for the same lesson every week that is wonderful.  But if not, that is fine too.

~What if I am scheduled to volunteer but have to cancel?
We understand that our volunteers have lives outside of our farm.  Just make sure to contact us as soon as you find out that you are unable to make it to give us time to find another volunteer.  That way we would not have to cancel the rider’s lesson. 

~What do volunteers actually do? 

There are a variety of tasks for the volunteers to choose.  For the lessons, most riders require a leader to guide the horse on a lead rope and at least one side-walker to help the rider feel safe and secure.  We are always in need of helpers for horse care, horse feeding, barn chores, and facility maintenance, as well as volunteers to assist with our fundraising events. 

~How do I start?
Print and fill out an application (Volunteer Application Form.pdf) then contact Aimee for further information and upcoming Volunteer Orientations: 

Thank you for your interest! Volunteers are the backbone of our community organization. As we are a non-profit organization, we would not be able to run lessons for our riders without your help!