Let the journey begin...

TTR Programs​

TheraPony: for children with cognitive and physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, severe brain trauma, muscular dystrophy and numerous genetic disorders.

TTRiding: for Talisman Teens referred by community-based organizations, educators, and the courts
YATR / ATR: Young Adult T and Adult therapeutic Riding – for individuals with health conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity, and other life limiting conditions

Hippotherapy: for children and adults  under the supervised instruction of a certified physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech pathologist and a PATH International Certified Instructor
Heroes on Horses:  for warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans of all wars as well as First Responders injured in the line of duty with physical limitations and/or post traumatic stress disorder.

StableFamily:  Sharing horseback riding activities and lessons gives families a chance to interact and cooperate in ways that promote feelings of well- being and connection.  As a family, you laugh and play to together; figure out problems together; and cooperate to achieve a common goal. This activity builds new bonds and stronger relationships.