Age: 12

Breed: Paso Fino

​Color: Dark Bay

Rosie is our only mare in the herd. Her breed, Paso Fino, is a highly acclaimed breed in Spain. She has a very sweet temperament and will offer a safe and smooth ride!

Age: 20

Breed: American Mustang

​Color: Chestnut

He was born wild and was captured by the Bureau of Land Management. He has a freeze brand tattoo on the left side of his neck. Freeze branding is a way to tell each mustang apart. He is very curious of everything and wants to be front and center. He is also a favorite for most of our riders.

Age: 26

Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft

Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)

He is one of our gentle giants. Ralph works with many of our veterans in our Heroes on Horses program. He has a lot of experience and is a superstar at the Annual Centreville Christmas Parade. He has a very distinctive marking on his rump shaped like a heart.

Bo (Boccio)




Age: 11

Breed: Standardbred

Color: Bay

"Baby Bo" is the youngest in our herd, but also the tallest. In the past, he raced as a pacer. A marked feature of standardbreds is their Roman nose. He is a beautiful mover. He also has a wonderful temperament and is gorgeous from head to tail.

Age: 24

Breed: Polish Arabian

​Color: Bay

Favvor used to be an endurance competition horse and won every one of his races. He is a great mover and loves being groomed. He shares a pasture with his best friend, Edgar Allan Whoa.

Harvey (Harvest Moon)

Age: 15

Breed: Appalachian Single Foot

​Color: Skewbald Paint

Edgar is our most sensitive horse. He is very sure footed and agile. Edgar also loves attention and being groomed. He jousted and barrel raced before he was a therapeutic riding pony.

 Zachary (NuffGoodToGoAround)

Age: 13

Breed: Appaloosa Cross

Color: Medicine Hat Paint

Bleu is the newcomer to the herd. He is exceptional with our hippotherapy sessions. He has a sweet temperament. He also has experience fox hunting and is a very talented jumper. And YES, his eyes are a beautiful blue color.


​Edgar (Edgar AllAn Whoa)


Age: 14

Breed: Registered American Quarter Horse

​Color: Bay

Zachary was the first horse of the TTR herd 5 years ago. He has shown training level dressage, low hunter, and fox hunted. He has done it all at TTR!

Bleu (Once in A Bleu Moon)

Age: 24

Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft

​Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)

Spot is Ralph's best friend, and is our other gentle giant. Spot has a distinctive marking on his right side that looks like a trophy. He also has a beautiful long mane and fluffy winter coat.

Age: 21

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Dark Bay

Yorkin has an exceptional pedigree. He is the grandson of the famous racehorse, Alydar, who is most known for finishing a close second to the great Affirmed in all three races of the Triple Crown. He also served as a United States Park Police horse in Washington D.C. Yorkin is a wonderful therapeutic riding horse. He loves being here with his
pasture mate, Harvey.