Talisman Farm


Talisman Therapeutic Riding (TTR) provides a unique form of healing through the use of horses and nature.  Located on a remarkable farm estate on the Chesapeake Bay, within 15 minutes of the Bay Bridge, the farm encompasses 1,000 acres of pastures, waterfront, tidal wetlands and woods. 

TTR is the first therapeutic riding center on Delmarva to be open year round and the first professionally operated TR center in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

TTR Up Coming Events

•  Volunteer Orientation: Thursday, Friday, February 3rd
•  Talisman’s 5th Anniversary Evening Bonfire: Friday, January 20th

•  2017 Wine Dinner at Luna Blu Ristorante of Annapolis

   January 29, 2017 at 5pm  

•  Volunteer Orientation, Friday, February 3rd at 4pm

•  Best Health & Wellness Award Ceremony. 
   Thursday, April 6 at 5:30 at Bridges Restaurant.

•  National Volunteer Appreciation Day, Thurs. April 20

•  Earth Day 2nd Annual Beach Clean-Up, Sat. April 22

•  6th Annual Derby Day Benefit at Talisman Plantation at 4 pm

•  Family Fun Day II and Spring Horse Show at TTR, Sunday, May 21
   at noon – 4pm

•  Flag Day, Wed. June 14, Bonfire at Veterans Retreat Cottage

•  Camp Wright I at TTR, June 26-30, 9:30-1:30

•  Camp Wright II at TTR, July 10-14, 9:30-1:30

•  Talisman Summer Program I, July 17-21, 10-2

•  Camp Wright III at TTR, July 24-28

•  Talisman Summer Program II July 31-Aug -4

•  Camp Wright IV at Talisman Farm, Aug. 7-11

•  Talisman Summer Program III, Aug.14-18

•  Talisman Summer Program IV (Autism Spectrum),
   Aug 21-25, 9 to Noon

•  3rd  Annual “The Rider Cup” Golf Tourney, Mon. Sept. 11 at 9 am
   at PBCC

•  6TH Annual Harvest Moon Surprise Event, Fri. Oct. 13 at 5 pm.
   Location TBD.

•  Veteran’s Day, Sat. Nov. 11, Retire the Colors & Bonfire at Veterans
   Retreat Cottage, 4:30pm

•  Christmas Parade, Fri. Dec. 1 at 6 pm in Centreville6th Annual
   Holiday Open & Volunteer Recognition, Sat. Dec. 2 at 11 am – 1 pm